Bratwurst dinner

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This is my nice n easy, weekday-night German style supper. Sip a beer while you cook, dip a sausageinto a mustard of your choice.

Brown the surface of bratwurst crispy in Le Creuset pot, take them out, then throw in chopped garlic, onion, shiitake mushroom.  Saute until they smell nicely.  Add washed and drained sauerkraut, shredded apple. Season with bay leaves, cayenne pepper, and caraway seeds.  Add chicken broth, bring them to simmer. Add browned sausage back in, cook for about 30 minutes.

Make the potato salad while you wait.

Highlights:  Definitely the sauerkraut.  Tasty and healthy. You can get creative on this. Make a batch, and you're set for a week. Great with beer.

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